Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Almost Perfect, Pressure Free Sales Letter

I just got this email from Ari Galper of

He's a genius.

His work on removing the pressure and hype from sales is really the only thing I ever recommend to people.

He just sent me an email that describes an almost perfect, results producing sales letter written with warmth, empathy and profound relevance to the reader - but no hype.

Read on . . .

Hi Tad,

Mark Coudray, a client of mine, sent me this email a few weeks ago about a breakthrough sales letter that he wrote (which I'm going to share with you) based on the insights he learned in the Unlock The Game mastery program.

Mark's letter is here:!

The interesting twist about this letter is that it's designed to generate a phone call back to him (not forcing them to buy anything from the letter)'s Mark's email he sent me:


I talked to you briefly at the System Seminar in Chicago to let you know how well Unlock The Game is working for us. I have attached a copy of the sales letter we use to bring in new clients. This letter is currently pulling 40% response with a perfect 100% conversion of the responding companies.

In our first year of testing the program with 20 randomly selected test companies, we increased our revenues almost 1.1 million dollars. This was with 20 companies. The annual revenue per client was just under $56,000. There are 1850 companies that meet our demographic profile in California alone.

I know a good part of our success is based on the low key, non sales pressure approach you teach in your Unlock The Game program.

We are currently preparing to move into 16,000 sq ft new building and production facility. This is triple what our current space is. We have doubled our production capacity and we are about to double that again.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the letter and I am always looking forward to your insight and observations.

Warmest regards,


You probably get sales letters in the mail all the time, or see them on websites.

You know the kind, really long text pages, yellow highlights, oversize headlines... you can almost feel the sale pressure jumping off the page at you.

Which of course is exactly the opposite feeling and approach that my clients and I work so hard not to be associated with.

Putting pressure on your prospects, whether it's over the phone or in writing, breaks the opportunity for you to build genuine trust with that person. And trust is what's at the core of long term sales success.

Mark's letter is a testament to not "hard pitching" his solution, but instead focusing in on the problems his prospects are experiencing.

In a moment, I'm going to share with you:

1. His sales letter with my written comments in the margins, to explain what Mark did
so well (Mark, the gracious guy that he is, gave me permission to share his letter with you.)

2. A 45-minute "audio briefing" where I explain, in depth, the key elements that Mark incorporated from Unlock The Game that makes this letter a true breakthrough

3. A word-for-word written transcript of the 45-minute "audio briefing"

Here's your access link:!

(After you click the link, you'll be taken to a page that confirms you're one of my subscribers and you'll see the link to access Mark's letter)

To your success,

Ari Galper
Unlock The Game

P.S. I'd love to hear your feedback, just reply to this email. And if you have any written sales materials that have worked for you that minimize sales pressure...please do send them over. I'm creating a collection of these to make available at a later date.

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