Thursday, September 20, 2007

The 57 Top Web Business Tools

I just got this email from Stu MacLaren. Very cool guy.

If you know you need to get your computer, website, and business systems up to snuff but have no idea where to start - start here.


I've got a video and a fun training for you:

Dear Tad,

New Products...

Big Launches...

... and a Wedding!

What a week so far!

There are so many exciting things happening
right now (personally and professionally)
that I'm finding it hard to keep pace with

First John Reese launched BlogRush on the
weekend and then Jason Potash launched his
website with non-stop "deals" all year long.

Then to top it all off, I'm hitting the
homestretch before my wedding so it's
"wedding madness" around here... YIKES!

Does life always seem to speed up as soon as
September hits?

Anyway, a while back I started doing a series
of teleseminars called "Saturday Trainings".

They have always been a HUGE hit and I've
decided to do another one this Saturday.

However, this one has a unique twist because
I won't be "teaching" anything... I'll just
be giving you TONS of free stuff :)


Check it out:

It's taking place this Saturday so register early :)

See you soon!

Take care.

Stu McLaren
Your Idea Guy

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