Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Free Coaching Call Download (hosted by Katie's Club)

Hey everyone,

Yesterday, I was interviewed by Katie Curtain of Katie's club in Toronto.

It was a really powerful, jam packed call that got into some real nitty gritty detail. More info below on how you can listen to or download the call

Dear Friends,

I am getting rave e-mails about last night's Katie's Club teleconference with Tad Hargrave on "How to Grow Your Business Without Selling Your Soul". If you missed it, I did a recording of the evening.

Just click on here and you can listen

Or download it to to your computer or MP3 player.

The topics Tad covered included:

* tips for people setting up a holistic or green business
* five mistakes that social entrepreneurs make when running their businesses
* the importance of establishing a niche
* the two critical elements that make up a niche
* the three ways you can tell if your niche is any good or not
* the power of educational marketing
* the power of empathy in your marketing (including a secret all women know, but men don't)
* the power of 'stay in touch' marketing (and the 80/20 rule of how to do that)
* the four levels of how to make your business irresistibly attractive

Participants also had the chance to discuss some of their own business challenges.

So enjoy listening and if you get a chance, e-mail me what you found most useful. Also take a look at Tad's website. He has lots of free material, including a marketing self assessment test. Go to :

As well, Tad is coming to Toronto and is doing a workshop the first weekend of November, where you pay what you can. If you are running a small business or practice, you got to get out to this. The information and resources he provides are priceless. As well he's a real fun kind of guy, and very creative in his approach to marketing and business for the socially

I'm doing an introductory evening for Tad at Ellington's Cafe, 805 St. Clair Avenue West, on Tuesday, Oct 30, 7-9PM. There's limited seating, so sign up as soon as you can by going to Tad's website, at, or by e-mailing me.

Also keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Katie's Club teleconferences. I have one coming up on October 9, with Cherie Carpenter on Body Talk which is an extraordinary system of holistic healing.


Katie Curtin

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