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Your Irresistible Offer - "The Four Letter Word of Marketing" - Part 7 of 19


I hope you've been enjoying this series of
email on how you can craft "Your Irresistible
Offer". If you've missed any - you can find
them here on this blog.

The subject of this week's email is all
about one, four letter word: RISK.


Did he just type that?!

It's the dirtiest four letter word in
business. And it's likely costing you
more than you'd care to admit.

You're likely losing a lot of money right
now - I can promise you - because you aren't
addressing and dealing with the risks people
perceive in doing business with you.

Reducing, eliminating or reversing the
risk is probably the most powerful single
secret of making YOUR offers more irresistible.

In fact, to illustrate my point, I'd
like to make YOU an offer.


I think you're going to like it.

I think you'll agree that it's one of the
most relevant, valuable and risk free
offers you've ever seen.

Crossing my fingers - I hope that you
might even find it irresistible.

But . .

I only have time to offer it to yourself
and two other people. There's only three
of these available. Once they're gone,
they're gone.

And it might not be right for you. It
might not be a fit.

This offer is only for you if you are:

1) In a place where you want to grow your

2) Are open to honest, constructive
feedback on your marketing

3) Committed to living your values.

4) Ready to do two to three hours of
highly focused homework.

If that's not you, you might as well stop
reading now.

But if you're willing to put in a little
Effort to get a lot of reward - then keep

* * *


WHAT: I would like to offer you a 90
minute marketing coaching session with me.
It's worth at least $500 (and that's if you
only count my time).

You will also get the full, audio recording
of that call. You will receive an executive
"coaching summary" of the call.

But there are only three of these available.

For more info:


HOW MANY: Only three. I only have time to
do your call in the first two weeks of
October. After that, I'm on the road for
two months.

COST: Pay what you want. Ten days after your
session I will ask you to send me two cheques
for whatever you want to pay. There's no
minimum and no maximum. No pressure. No games.
No joke.

* * *


Well, you can find the full answer at:


Isn't there a lot of risk to me in doing

After all, couldn't someone just get
everything and then not pay me at all? Or
what if they only paid me like $2 for my

But here's my explanation - and maybe the
most potent marketing lesson on creating
offers that I can give you.

Most entrepreneurs are silently scared of
getting screwed. And that fear is not
serving them.

- Maybe you fear giving big guarantees in
case you have to offer refunds.

- Maybe you're scared to teach people how
you do what you do in case someone steals
your info or uses it but doesn't hire you.

- Maybe you've given your clients incredible
value - even free stuff - only to have it
taken for granted and drain your time,
energy and cashflow.

- Maybe you're afraid to get the short end
of the stick.

So, you learn to protect yourself.

You learn to value your time. You tell
yourself that your expertise and information
is worth a lot and that you deserve
compensation for anything you give out.

Maybe you also tell yourself that if you
just gave away information that people
wouldn't really value it.

And of course - you would have a point.

Maybe you've figured out all sorts of ways
to reduce your risks in doing business and
protect yourself.

And while this all might meet your need for
self respect and safety - and it's far better
than letting yourself be taken to the cleaners
- it's not the whole journey.

What if I told you that there are ways to be
100% safe and yet outrageously bold in lowering
the risk of your offers?

Here's a counter intuitive thought to
meditate on: to succeed in business you
must learn to love getting the short
end of the stick. To grow your business
you must learn to assume the lion's share
of the risk in any interaction.

And yes, there are ways to do this where
you're also protected. I'll cover them in
a later email to you.

**Put another way: you have no idea how
much money you're losing every year because
you are silently asking your prospects and
clients to take on the risk of taking the
next step in the relationship with you.

Lowering the risk of the next step.

How can you lower the risk?

Here's some simple, tried and true ways:

1) Iron clad, No Hassle Guarantees.

2) Testimonials & Case Studies

3) Free Intro Events

4) Spelling out the process you use in
detail so there's no mystery of the unknown
about it and they can begin to appreciate
why your process works.

5) Your credentials, awards etc.

6) Becoming a well known figure (hosting a
radio show, writing magazine columns)

7) Writing a blog that shares your honest
perspective about the issues you help
clients with. What causes the problems?
What are the best solutions?

* * *

A primary way I do this is by offering
many of my services on a pay what you can

Meaning you receive the full consultation
or weekend training and then - when it's
all done - you pay me whatever you thought
it was worth based on what you can afford.

No catch.

This does a number of things:

1) It lowers the risk for people to take
the next step. This makes is much more
likely that they will raise their hand and
say 'yes'.

2) It makes my life far easier. I don't
have to sell so hard because there is
zero possible financial risk. A ridiculously
high percentage of people who come to my
intros sign up for the full weekend.

In short, it makes me a lot of money.

For less effort.

Could you use a PWYC consult?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But ask yourself, are you feeling:

- 'stuck' in your marketing?

- Not sure what the most important next steps
are for you to take in your unique situation?

- Like you could use an outside perspective?



But this will be about ten times as hard to
book in three weeks.

Because, as of Oct 17th, I'm starting on my
tour and I'll be on the road - almost non-stop -
for two months. During that time I will do
very few consultations. If any.

I did a ton of them this summer but I know
that some of you are new on my list and may
not have heard of this. So, this is just a
little courtesy reminder.

If you'd like to book one you can just click
reply and email me here.

If you have any questions - check out:



Tad Hargrave
Radical Business
"helping conscious folk make more money"

P.S. Please consider the environment before
printing this email - Thank You!

P.P.S. REMEMBER: I am offering three pay
what you can consultations worth $500 to
the first three people who respond.

To get more info:



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