Sunday, September 09, 2007

NEW - 101 Page EBook - "The Way of the Radical Business"

Hey all,

It occurred to me that - a month or so
after creating this ebook I hadn't told


Expect me to live what I teach? . . .

There's no charge for this ebook. You
can just go and download it at the link
below . . .

What is it?

It's basically a three in one package:


An edited and expanded version of my live
two hour intro. The only thing missing is
my card tricks.

If you haven't been to my intro, here’s a
sneak preview of what you’ll learn:

o the difference between your inner
marketing game and your outer game (and
which one 90% of businesses totally ignore)

o the three critical criteria to
developing a strong target market or niche

o how you can craft an irresistible
offer that will compel your ideal clients
to buy from you in ways they never have

o the massive importance of identifying
‘hubs’ for your business (and the three
critical criteria of a good one)

o the difference between active and
passive word of mouth (and how you can
create substantial, positive word of
mouth for your business)

The Horrible Hundred+

This might just be my favorite thing I've
ever created.

It's basically a diagnostic for the
conscious entrepreneur to see where they're
strong and where they're weak.

But from a particular angle.

I created it because I saw one too many
good-hearted conscious entrepreneurs
completely mis-diagnosing their situation.

They came to me thinking they needed
marketing help - but their real problems
lay outside the realm of marketing. Often
they were in the wrong business entirely,
they were addicted to urgency, they had
no goals etc.

I've gotten rave reviews on this thing.


The Radical 180

This is a 180 point checklist that focuses
almost entirely on your marketing game plan.
It's divided into what i consider to be the
five most 'mission critical' areas of your

It should give you a good birds eye view
of where your marketing is strong and where
it's weak.

* * *

To download your own copy - or forward it
to a friend - go to:

That's it.


Tad Hargrave
Radical Business
"helping conscious folk make more money"

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