Wednesday, September 05, 2007

15 Minutes: Holistic Practitioner *Horror Stories*!

Hey everyone,

If you're a holistic practitioner . . .

Or you know and love holistic
Practitioners . . .

Could you take 2 minutes to read this
email right now?

I need 15 minutes of your time and the
most blunt and honest opinions you can

And I want to give you three very cool
rewards for it.

But there's only 100 spaces and this
email will be going out to well over
a thousand people on my list and others.

What's it about?

Well . . .

Have you ever had a horrible experience
with a holistic practitioner?

Can we talk?

You may or may not know - but about
half of the people who come to my
events are holistic practitioners.

You might even be one of them.

And I'm slowly, but surely, designing
a product and workshop just for them.

As part of the research, I'm collecting
Holistic Practitioner Horror stories
(and success stories too mind you).


A few reasons:

First: as I'm sure you can appreciate -
technical skill is not what makes a
holistic practitioner great. Technical skill
is sort of a minimum requirement. It's
the bottom line.

What makes a practitioner wonderful or
woeful is how the relate to their clients.
Some practitioners have a gift of making
their clients feel empowered, safe and
clear. Others make their clients feel
guarded, defensive and disgusted. It's true.

But practitioners don't often receive
extensive training in 'bedside manner'.
That's strange given that it's so central
to the success of their practice.

To make things harder for them, there's a
complicating factor:

People lie.

It's incredibly, let me emphasize and
underline INCREDIBLY, rare that a
holistic practitioner gets honest feedback
when they do a bad job. Usually, people
just stop seeing them and disappear. They
stop returning calls.

I remember going to a yoga class and being
so annoyed by the teacher's insecurities that
I never completed the series. A number of
other students dropped out after that first
class too.

If you've been through it, it can feel just
awful, disconcerting and confusing.

"What did I do?!"

I want to collect real stories and examples
that I can share with practitioners to
help them understand what their clients
are REALLY wanting from them.

Have you had an awful experience?

Have you had an awesome experience?

Would you be willing to take 15 minutes
to tell me about them?

It's totally anonymous and I ask you not
to name and names.


Three things:

First - I will email you all the
edited version of the feedback I collect.

Second, I will be hosting a one-time-only,
90 minute call on "The Top Ten Blunders
Holistic Practitioners Make".

I'm only doing the call so I can record it.

I will only be inviting people who
participate in this survey. I've been
putting a lot of thought into in and
couldn't be more excited to share what
I've been learning (as well as what I'm
about to learn from the results of this

Third - You will get access to a recording
of this call that you can download onto
your computer.


Go to the following link and spend 15
minutes sharing anonymously and as honestly
as you can about your best (and worst)
experiences with holistic practitioners.

And then EMAIL me to let me know that
you've done it so you can get your rewards.


Tad Hargraveb
Radical Business
"helping conscious folk make more money"

P.S. Please consider the environment
before printing this email - Thank You!

P.P.S. REMEMBER: Only those who take
the 15 minutes to respond to this survey
will have access to the free 90 minute
call on "The Top Ten Blunders Practitioners
Make." And to the results of this survey.

Go do it now:

And then EMAIL me to let me know that
you've done it so you can get your rewards.

P.P.P.S. Feel free to forward this to
your clients and friends.

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