Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Finding Your Niche - Robert Middleton

(another brilliant piece from Robert Middleton that's right on the money)


Finding a Niche

I got an email from a customer recently with this comment:

"I can't make any progress with my marketing until I know what my
marketing niche is. Until I know who my ideal clients are going to be,
I can't start with my marketing, so I really can't get any of your
products until I'm clear about this."

You might want to substitute your own concern: "I don't know what
my services are yet," or "I don't really know what the ultimate
outcome is that I provide for my clients," or "I don't know what
makes me unique yet."

And with this declaration of what you don't know, your marketing
grinds to a screeching standstill.

My answer to this customer was the following:

You don't find your niche. Your niche finds you. And this goes for
your services, ultimate outcome, uniqueness, etc.

What I mean by this is that you can't really figure it out in your head.
You need to discover it. And the way you discover it is to jump into
the process of marketing.

I know this might not makes sense to you, but stick with me here,
because this is really one of the biggest issues Independent
Professionals face.

I've seen it hundreds of times.

I've seen people completely stuck because they can't figure out their
audio logo or perfect marketing message. And they "know" that
when they figure it out, all their marketing will fall magically into

Utter nonsense, I'm afraid.

Here's the big secret that nobody has told you: You take your best
guess, give it a shot and see what response you get. That's all,
really. You don't get it right. You get it wrong - maybe for a long
time - until it finally falls into place.

My customer is confused about which clients she should go after. But
she doesn't have to decide - yet. All she has to do is take a mad
stab at it and say, for the time being: "These are the clients I'll work
with for now." And then build a marketing message around that.

She'll discover soon enough if it's the right niche or not.

She'll talk to a lot of people. She'll use her newly created audio logo,
ultimate outcome, etc. She'll get responses or not. If not, no
problem, back to the drawing board.

If she gets a few clients in this niche, she'll soon discover if they are
ideal or not. She'll learn as she goes, and fine tune her message
along the way. After awhile the niche will find her. She'll stumble
upon it. Aaha! that's it! And then the next version of her marketing
message will be right on target.

Let me give you an analogy in another field.

A new music student says: "I can't learn music until I know what
composers I'm going to play. I'm really conflicted. Will I play Mozart
and Bach, or Betthoven and Brahms? Difficult choice. But when I'm
clear on who, then I'll start to learn music.

Wouldn't we roll our eyes if we heard this? Then why do we take the
declaration so seriously that someone can't find their niche? It's nuts.

Sadly, the chance of the above person ever becoming a musician is
pretty slim. And with this approach, the chance of my customer ever
becoming a successful Independent Professional is pretty slim as
well. The good news is she's willing to try.

And starting is easy.

Get a book, manual, or tape program, or attend a course. Start with
the first lesson. Do the homework. Apply it the best you can to your

You won't be a marketing genius in a week or two, but you'll be way
beyond where you are now. So get out of your head, let go of the
need to have things perfect, be willing to fail fast and just do it!


The More Clients Bottom Line: You don't figure out all your marketing
strategies first and then start marketing. You start your marketing
with one imperfect message at a time and figure it out as you go.


What holds you back from starting your marketing? What could you
do to get started... now? Please share on the More Clients Blog.


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