Friday, August 18, 2006

Free 120 Page e-book on Marketing from Bob Serling

Hey there everyone,

Once in a while I get something in my email that I think is brilliant and that I want to pass onto you.

And just recently I did.

It's a special 120 page ebook from Bob Serling. Those of you who have been to my marketing trainings recently have seen an ad about his work. He's one of the best marketers out there and has written some sales letters that have pulled a 100% response rate: everyone who got it responded.

That's unheard of. 5% is considered really good.

I can't take any credit for what you are about to receive but it sure made me truly thankful. Enjoy.



* * *


I have a special gift for you today - no cost, no strings, no obligation. I've just put the finishing touches on my new "10-Minute Marketing Success Interviews" ebook. If you heard the original audios, I've added 5 more interviews and had them all transcribed and put into pdf format.

In these interviews, I asked 21 leading experts the question, "What is your favorite marketing technique that's working really well for you and your clients right now?"

Even though everyone was asked the same question, each
expert had their own unique and extremely valuable answer.
I've personally come up with a list of excellent ideas for my own business by reading these short, powerful interviews.

Here's the list of all 21 experts, in alphabetical order: Bob Bly, John Carlton, Sean D'Souza, Michel Fortin, Randy Gage, David Garfinkel, Steve Harrison, Shel Horowitz, John Jantsch, Paul Lemberg, Clayton Makepeace, Perry Marshall, Robert Middleton, Paul Myers, Brad Petersen, Raleigh Pinskey, Bob Scheinfeld, Bob Serling, Yanik Silver, Joe Vitale, and Jeff Walker.

Wow, that's some lineup! If you'd like to get your own copy
of this ebook, as a gift from me with no cost and no obligation, you can download it by clicking here:

I hope you enjoy it! Also, because I'd like to make this one
of the most downloaded ebooks ever, I'd appreciate it if
you'd tell your friends and business associates about it.


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