Monday, August 21, 2006

A Circle of Entrepreneurs is coming to your local living economy!!!

What? A monthly conversation circle like the ones that changed Philadelphia 250 years ago.

Who? Sustainable business entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial consumers who want to make a difference.

How? Act like brothers and sisters and focus on one business or issue at a time; communicate in the month between; return to get feedback and turn to a new story.

Ingredients? Trust, transparency, humor, good organic local food, listening, storytelling, stretching to reach new paradigms.

Format (please feel free to evolve)?

1. (15 minutes)Quick creative introductions with a theme (eg. Name, work/mission, something new you’re trying in one word).

2. (40 minutes) Leader summarizes the story and feedback focus from the last meeting/ feedback is given by all with duct tape on the entrepreneur until the end/ entrepreneur acknowledges feedback.

3. (10 minutes) Break for food and one on ones.

4. (40 minutes) New entrepreneur presents the romance, conception, incubation, birth, and development of their business, ending with the key questions they want the group to consider.

5. (15 minutes) Clarifying questions to understand, not to lead (eg not: “have you thought of X?”)

6. Close on time then go somewhere else to party!

Where? So far in Philadelphia, West Chester, Baltimore and Princeton. Start your own!


Ben Bingham,


or Lindsay Gilmour,


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