Wednesday, October 01, 2008

BOOK: The Green Collar Economy - Van Jones

The Green Collar Economy:
How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems - by Van Jones

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This book explores the central question:

"Can we fight pollution AND cut poverty at the same time?"

If you want to believe that we can - keep reading.

I've met author Van Jones many times.

He's one of the most inspiring and visionary people I know.

He travels around the country giving a powerful presentation weaving together issues that have - for decades - seemed at odds - social justice and the environment.

Van often jokes that, "this is the presentation Al Gore would give if he was black."

Most environmental groups seem to be full of . . . white people.

And yet the communities most impacted by the issues are communities of colour.

Van argues passionately that 'green collar jobs' - trade jobs working in solar panels, wind energy etc. may be the very tool to get great jobs to those who need them most, cut poverty AND , at the same time, helping our environment.

He has just launched it and he's hoping to sell 5000 of them by Tuesday, October 7th.

This would make publishing history.


No African-American author has ever written an environmentally-themed book that became a best seller. Strong sales will pave the way for other vital new voices in the environmental movement!


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"Van Jones demonstrates conclusively that the best solutions for the survivability of our planet are also the best solutions for everyday Americans." - Al Gore

NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman quotes Van Jones, saying, "It's time to stop borrowing and start building. America's number one resource is not oil or mortgages. Our number one resource is our people. Let's put people back to work — retrofitting and repowering America." (9/28/08)

Green For All founder Van Jones has proposed a powerful green cure. His first book, The Green Collar Economy, hits bookstores on October 7th.

Answers to these tough questions are between the covers of The Green Collar Economy:

* How can the next U.S. president create millions of new green jobs?
* How can we lower energy prices without drilling our shorelines and burning up our planet?
* How can the government help create energy independence – at practically zero cost to the tax payer?
* What is eco-apartheid? What is eco-equity?

Buy your copy of the Green Collar Economy now and find out the answers to these and other critical questions of our times. See how people's lives are changing with green pathways out of poverty and into prosperity.

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Please order it from your locally owned bookstore:

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ada said...

The Green Collar Economy by Van Jones is a NYTimes bestseller!

Thanks for being a part of the amazing grassroots effort to make it the first bestseller by an African American on "green" issues. Read about the it here:

Please spread the word, and let everyone know: this is a movement.

Laurie Varga said...

Wow, I just got chills reading this. I'm excited about this book and I can't wait to read it. Thanks!