Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Toronto: Radical Business Participants - May 2008

I know that before I go to any damn event I always want to know one thing:

"who's going to be there?"

So, if you're like me - I encourage you to browse the following bios and check out who you'll be having the chance to share the weekend with.

Only 11 spaces left.

For more info or to enroll in the weekend:

Here they are:

Ann Phillips:
Martial Arts Wellness Instructor

I have a PhD in environmental studies and before that studied Human and Medical Genetics. I have a diploma in Acupuncture and am a certified Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Niei Chi Instructor and have black belts in several martial arts. I have apprenticed with various practitioners of traditional medicines and have reached a basic level of understanding in energy healing. I am starting a socially responsible business which aims at using 'martial arts training technology' to train people to improve their health using natural methods, and inprove the health of their community and the earth.

It's purpose is to train people to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being to heal and empower themselves and to heal the earth.


chloe shackelton:
Eco-Friendly Clothing.

I am new to the eco-game and a brand new business. I am a sales agency representing three eco-friendly clothing lines with fabrics including organic cotton, bamboo, soy and hemp. All companies I represent must be fair trade or Canadian made. I am selling to retailers that are eco-conscious.

I work out of my home office, so i definitely walk to work and reduce waste by never eating out. I primarily use email and the telephone as my contact methods, use only recycled paper if i need to. i am using all used office equipment and display items. I have donated merchandise to the local upcoming art festival and will be donating to the Halton eco-festival. I spend my days researching new ways to improve the environment within my community and i am looking forward to being a part of environment Canada's Earth Week by providing a fashion show and sale to over 700 employees and will likely be doing a presentation for them on the benefits of eco-responsible clothing options.


Gurbeen Bhasin:
Progressive Film Production Company.

Has her educational and professional background in Social Policy and International Relations. She has been practicing Social Work for over two decades. During that time she has focused on the areas child welfare and mental health. On a creative level, Gurbeen has been writing as long as she could hold a pen and has over the last couple of years used film to further her artistic expression and capture that of others. She has lived in Iran, India, Canada and the United States and has traveled extensively and this helps her to tell the untold story in unique ways. Gurbeen has taught communications and other courses to help others learn to live the lives they love and do so powerfully! Toronto is her home, where her heart has grown roots and soul attachments. Her love for Rumi and the spirit that connects us all inspires her to stand of truth and justice in art, in life, in all.

Aangen: is the Sanskrit word for the front yard of a home where community members gather to give each other comfort, support, and nurturing. We are... a Supportive Community Centre; a non-profit organization that proposes to facilitate independence and cause community. We also aim to provide personalized emergency relief to those in disadvantaged life situations, by providing unconditional support and wraparound services. Our philosophy... is that in order to help our community members facilitate independence, we must facilitate our own, As such, we do not count on government or external funding, we raise our own funds. This is our definition of independence. We are committed to providing educational workshops for everyone that are easily affordable and promote self-reliance whilst causing community.

Meow Films: is an independent production company specializing in event coordination and promotions. Meow Films is here to understand your media and marketing needs and offer solutions that get attention and desired results whether product or service related. Our other services include a full array of film production, film/event/festival coordination, personalized documentary video memoirs, training workshops, industrial video solutions for promotions and training/education. Meow Films is a production company that cares about your marketing needs and want to work with you to meet your goals.


Laurie Varga:
Green Design Pro

Anatomy Communications is a full spectrum design and marketing firm committed to helping our clients communicate clearly and powerfully in the marketplace. We deliver innovative solutions with ecology and social responsibility in mind.

Is it possible to be good in the world of business, you ask? We stay true to our values in this crazy world by practicing serene business.

I'm just an average person doing my best to live a sustainable lifestyle and run a small, green business. I'm also an activist, working to encourage other people to understand that more does not equal happiness.

I work from home and do everything possible to keep my business operations eco-friendly and low impact. I provide green design and marketing services to socially conscious businesses and I'm working to encourage other designers to do the same in an effort to transform the industry.


Beatrix Montanile:
Yoga instructor.

My principal objective is to “help others gain optimum health and well-being through the practice of yogic sciences”. Three years ago I initiated an out door program called PARK YOGA in order to make Yoga accessible and fun for the community. From June through October, free classes are held in 4 different parks in East Toronto; Withrow Pk., Riverdale Pk, Greenwood Pk. and Leslie Grove Pk. To date approx 300 students have attended these classes. During the winter months, classes continue in St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Riverdale and at my home in Leslieville where students can attend on a “pay-what-you-can” donation basis. Every winter I also host a 30 Day Yoga Retreat to India where participants have the opportunity to safely experience India’s culture and study under the tutelage of accomplished yoga masters.

Recently I registered myself as a company, Atma Shakti Yoga, in order to expand my ideas to include specialty workshops and additional affordable yoga retreats to rarely visited global destinations such as Cambodia and Croatia. I plan to also partner with other organizations or teachers that share my vision.


Leehe Lev:
Personal trainer and lifestyle coach.

I go to clients' homes and help them reach their fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. I use a wholistic approach to my fitness training, which mean providing nutritional consulting, stress management etc. to make sure they are balanced in the mind, body and soul. Check out my website at

The business is just me for now. I bicycle to my clients and am a huge bicycling advocate. I'm a minimalist and constantly find ways to cut my carbon footprint. I also do a ton of eco-related volunteer work for the Toronto Bicycle Union, Green Enterprise Toronto and Green Neighbours 21.


Marla Gold:
Nia Instructor

I am a Holistic Practitioner and a Nia Instructor. I am trained in several modalities from Reflexology, Acupressure to Energy Psychology techniques. I balance my practice between treating clients in my office and facilitating weekly Nia classes and workshops about Energy Medicine and movement. My goal is to help people get back in touch with their bodies and how they move through life in order to feel happy and full of energy!

The energy exercises I teach to my clients helps keep them happy and energized. They are easy to learn and I encourage them to teach their friends, family and colleagues to pass on the joy! The Nia Technique is all about joyful movement and moving from a place of authenticity. My participants experience a release of stress and an inner sense of peace and happiness after taking a Nia class and they get the benefits of getting physically fit!


Jaclyn Sherry:
Wellness Centre manager & Business Consultant.

My focus is on building loyalty programs to keep existing clients and attracting new clients to the wellness centre.

The Wellness Centre is an Ayurvedic Centre with Ayurvedic Doctors. The philosophy of Ayurveda healing system is to live consciously-mindfully and in harmony with each other, nature, the Divine Creater and ourselves. So we promote living consciously in every aspect of life. Within my marketing initiatives/strategies I promote spiritual marketing a conscious way of doing business. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn how you implement conscious marketing strategies.


Jennifer Hicks:
Nia Instructor

I have been teaching Nia for the past 2 years. Learning how to share my skills and expertise with the right target market is my objective for 2008.

Nia combines dance, martial arts and healing arts. It provides an inspiring cardiovascular workout that is suitable for everyBODY. Not only does it help develop strength, flexibility, mobility, agility and balance, but it teaches people how to be healthy by "dancing through life".



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