Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Using Quizes to Establish a Problem

Got this email from Travis Greenlee the other day.

Pretty brilliant stuff.

Here's why . . .

Sometimes people's problems are obvious and glaring symptoms. Other times they're actually not experiencing any issues - even though you know they are. Just looking at them and their business you know they're headed for trouble - but you can't just lecture them. In situations where you see the signs but they have no symptoms, you must help them discover for themselves what's really going on.

Examples of this:

- my Horrible Hundred quiz
- live blood cell analysis (if you see a parasite burst out of a red blood cell - you sit up and pay attention)
- muscle testing

The key is to create a test that reveals the truth.

Here's one that could help you build your business and could give you some great ideas on how to build your own.

Hey Tad,

It's been quite a while, how are you?

Well, I sure hope your summer was relaxing and full of good times :-)

As we move into fall and the best time of the year to build our businesses, I wanted to reconnect with you to share an awesome little f.ree tool and resource I've discovered.

--> <--

I've been using this assessment with my personal students, as well as our Virtual Practice Builder team members for several years now and they absolutely LOVE IT!


Well, because they realize that one of the most important keys to creating a fully automated, highly successful business is understanding exactly where we are NOW in terms of your business development as well as where you are headed.

Now I realize this sounds rather intuitive, however for most of us, we rarely, if ever take the time to really get a good look at where we stand with our business development and marketing systems.

So, my question is... are you in the same boat?

Take just 3 minutes now to run through this marketing quiz. I'll send you a detailed report and help put you on the fast track to building an awesome business this fall.

--> <--

I wish you all the joy, happiness, and success in the world and look forward to serving you soon.

To your success!

Travis Greenlee
Business Design and Development at the Speed of Technology
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