Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Seven Types of Hubs:

When you start thinking about your niche market, and how to reach them with effective word of mouth marketing - you immediately need to start thinking about the 'hubs' in their networks. You need to ask yourself, "who do they already trust?"

Luckily, it's not that hard.

These seven questions will take you most of the way there.

1. EVENTS & LOCATIONS: Where does your niche gather, congregate, celebrate and hangout?

2. BUSINESSES: Where do they already spend their money?

3. GROUPS: What formal groups are they a part of?

4. SUPPORT: What resources or groups exist to support them?

5. WEBSEARCH: if your niche were to search for a solution to their problems on google, what would they type in?

6. PUBLICATIONS (on and offline): Where do they go for news and information that is relevant, credible and valuable for them?

7. INDIVIDUALS: Which individuals do they most trust (whether globally or locally)?

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